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Kuyers Mathematics is a mathematics curriculum resource funded by the Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning. It is a fresh approach to mathematics, designed to be both interesting and applicable to the world we live in. It integrates a Christian approach, using mathematics to think about and better understand God, his creation, and our place and calling in the world.

Calculus for Everyone


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Generations Math 1


The Dance of NumberdanceOfNumberCover

From the author’s website:

The Dance of Number is a sequenced and tightly integrated curriculum involving four textbooks totaling 1924 pages (Grades 7-10). The only prerequisite is above average reading comprehension. We start from ground zero, teach the basics of arithmetic from a fresh, vibrant perspective, and then take the reader on a journey that leads to the borderlands of the mountain range called Calculus. There are plenty of side roads along the way where we stop to gaze at the scenic beauty (i.e., a unified look at principles of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry). It is a long trip; its completion is worth the effort.

The texts are not named Algebra I or Algebra II, etc., because the four-volume sequence tells an coordinated story engaging the student in the nature of the structure of number, the development of its history, and its interpenetration with science. As the student takes this journey, all the topics of Arithmetic, high school Algebra, most of Geometry, and a complete study of Trigonometry are unfolded.

Because of this harmonized approach, these texts are different than most of what is on the market. The author wants the student to see how the ideas/branches of mathematics interpenetrate (e.g., you are doing algebraic operations and geometrical procedures as you are learning the elements of trigonometry). Our current textbook structure is not that successful at doing this.

After this sequence is completed, the student would be ready either for a complete course in Geometry (if desired) or PreCalculus

The series is published through Amazon’s Createspace. The author page is here.


From GodandMath:

Flatland: A Project of Many Dimensions

Math and Music

Serving Through Statistics

Defining Geometry Christianly

From www.WhatIfLearning,com:

Community and Math: What if math created a community in which all could achieve?

Math and Giving: What if a math lesson helped students to think about giving?

Math Questions: What if math caused students to ask big questions?

Math and Justice: What if teaching percentages were about people’s lives?

Pie Charts and Giving: What if making pie charts were connected to giving?

Percentages and Injustice: What if teaching percentages made students aware of injustice?

Math and Forgiveness: What if success in math depended on forgiveness?

Graphs and Delight: What if learning about graphing led to delighting others?

Pie Charts and Truth: What if pie charts were about facing truth?

Math and Measuring: What if math raised questions about what we can measure?

From Brent Luman:

Galileo’s Parabolas

Kepler’s Laws

Newton’s Unifying Equation


Essential Questions (Pre-Cal Lesson) by Chris VanSlooten


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