ACMS Updates

The following info was recently sent to members of the ACMS.

1. 2023 Joint Math Meetings Reception – ACMS will once again be hosting a reception at JMM. The reception will be from 6-7:30 PM on Thursday, January 5th at the Marriott Copley Place, Salon G . Karl-Dieter Crisman (Gordon College) will be our guest speaker and his talk will be from 6:30-7 PM. At the conclusion of his talk, we will break out into small groups for dinner and discussion at various local restaurants. Please contact ACMS Vice President Kristin Camenga with any questions.

Abstract for Karl-Dieter Crisman’s talk:

Mersenne Matters: Mathematics, Music, Monotheism, and More

Marin Mersenne is usually considered, when he is considered at all in mathematics, in one of two ways. Either he is the inspiration for the latest newly discovered (and enormous) “Mersenne Prime,” or he is the interlocutor who helped induce Fermat and Descartes to properly, and “publically” discuss their methods of tangents.

But who was Mersenne, what did he do, and why does he matter? This talk will give an overview of his life and the important roles he played in the history of science and music, with many examples from his own writings. We’ll especially look into why a monk, from an order devoted to being the least of all, saw his explorations of things like pure mathematics and practical acoustics as being so closely related to his writings in defense of the faith.

2. Dues Updates and Price Changes – The board has voted to raise the annual price of dues from $20 annually to $30 annually. This change will take place March 1, 2023. You are welcome to pay your 2023 dues, as well as pay in advance for future years, at the current rate any time before March 1. If you have any questions regarding your current dues status, please contact ACMS Executive Secretary Mike Janssen.

3. Brabenec Lectureship – Dates and locations have been determined for the inaugural Brabenec Lectures to be given by Russ Howell. March 13-16 Russ will be making stops at Huntington, Taylor, and Indiana Wesleyan. March 23-24 Russ will be at Lee University. Thank you to all the schools who applied to host Russ. Look for an email in the new year (around February/March) providing details on Russ’s talks as well as an application/nomination process for the ’23-’24 Brabenec Lecturer. The board plans on a rough timeline of announcing the next lecturer around Memorial day, a mid-July deadline for schools to apply to host, and announcing the host schools in August. Again, look for more information starting in February/March of 2023. 

4. Application for Hosting the 2026 ACMS Conference – As we look forward to the 2024 conference at Dordt, we are beginning the process of accepting applications for a 2026 host. Please complete this form if you are interested in hosting. In keeping with the geographic rotation of each conference (APU 2022 – west, Dordt 2024 – central), preference will be given to schools considered “east.”

5. Consider Donating to ACMS – please consider donating to ACMS. ACMS is now recognized as a 501(c)3 non-profit and can offer the tax benefit of donations. Visit us online and click the “Donate to ACMS” button on the right hand side bar.


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