Essential Questions

Chris VanSlooten at Christian School Teacher offers some practical ways to get students thinking about their faith in a Pre-Calculus course.

Big Idea: Give students essential questions to reflect on at the end of each unit, then publish them on a blog.

I think this is an amazing idea. I just came across this site and I will definitely be taking some time to read through it. As a Pre-Cal teacher in a public school I’ll be looking for some reflection questions which I can borrow/modify. Check out the student work on the blog below:


One thought on “Essential Questions

  1. jonathandeatherage October 26, 2011 / 7:53 AM

    Very cool idea. I checked out the site. Lots of the questions look great. One confused me, though… What are potential answers to this one: “Respond, Refute, Agree, Discuss, etc. the following statement: Jesus has logarithmic properties.” I didn’t know a human could have logarithmic properties…

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