How Math Illumines Our Infinite God

I was recently directed to a great article by John Van Sloten at thinkChristian on “How math illumines our infinite God.” In the article, Van Sloten addresses how a proper mathematical understanding of infinity informs our perception of our infinite God. The article also comes from a growing concern over the decreasing mathematical ability of the general populace. The closing question is a significant one:

If we don’t possess even basic math skills, how will we ever be able to engage the mathematical – that is, the logical, precise, trustworthy, universal, elegant, infinite and awe-inspiring – mind of God?

In addition to the article, John Van Sloten also gave a sermon at New Hope Church in Calgary entitled “God, Infinity, and Mathematics.” An entire sermon, given in a church, dealing with God and math. Preach on John. Preach on.

The Diligent Amateur

Let me start by saying that I know it has been a while since posting anything new here at GodandMath. Such is life on the cusp of a new school year. I don’t have anything new to say in this post except to point you to an excellent sermon given by former fellow DTS classmate Joey Woestman. If you have viewed the video on the “How if Math Done Christianly?” Page then you have viewed some of the fruit of Joey’s labor whilst in seminary. He is now the youth pastor of Faith Church in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Recently they let him speak to the grown-ups about developing a proper theology of work. While I believe this sermon is good for anyone to hear I am posting it primarily for the impact I hope it might have on teachers preparing to begin a new school year. Teaching is a demanding profession that will regularly bring you to question your calling and the value God places on it. If that is where you find yourself now then my hope is that you would be refreshed by this preaching of the Word.

Not to mention gets a shout out in the end.

You can click here to listen to the sermon entitled “The Diligent Amateur.”