How Math Illumines Our Infinite God

I was recently directed to a great article by John Van Sloten at thinkChristian on “How math illumines our infinite God.” In the article, Van Sloten addresses how a proper mathematical understanding of infinity informs our perception of our infinite God. The article also comes from a growing concern over the decreasing mathematical ability of the general populace. The closing question is a significant one:

If we don’t possess even basic math skills, how will we ever be able to engage the mathematical – that is, the logical, precise, trustworthy, universal, elegant, infinite and awe-inspiring – mind of God?

In addition to the article, John Van Sloten also gave a sermon at New Hope Church in Calgary entitled “God, Infinity, and Mathematics.” An entire sermon, given in a church, dealing with God and math. Preach on John. Preach on.


One thought on “How Math Illumines Our Infinite God

  1. John Van Sloten January 12, 2014 / 4:41 PM

    thanks for the kind words josh!

    John (van sloten)

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