The Matter of Mathematics

matter of mathematics

The journal Perspectives on Science and the Christian Faith (PSCF) is planning to devote a theme issue to the interplay between mathematics and the Christian faith. Russ Howell has published the lead essay for it, which is designed to encourage response essays focusing on a wide-range of issues.

From James C. Peterson, Editor of PSCF:

Russell Howell has co-authored the textbook Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering which is in its sixth edition, and is the co-editor of the HarperOne book Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith. His essay describes the latest challenges for mathematics and Christian faith. The essay is intended as an invitation. Readers are encouraged to take up one of the insights or challenges, or maybe a related one that was not mentioned, and draft an article (typically about 5,000-8,000 words) that contributes to the conversation. These can be sent to Dr. Howell. He will send the best essays on to peer review and then we will select from those for publication in a mathematics theme issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. The lead editorial in the December 2013 issue of PSCF outlines what the journal looks for in article contributions. For full consideration for inclusion in the theme issue, manuscripts should be received electronically before 30 June 2014.

For those readers who prefer to take a literary approach in sharing their ideas, please submit essays (up to 3,000 words), poetry, fiction, or humour inspired by the invitational essay to Emily Ruppel for possible publication in God and Nature magazine.

The essay itself is available by clicking here.

The description of the project is available by clicking here.

The page of the latter link lists June 30 as a deadline for submitting responses to Russ (, but he assures me there is flexibility in that deadline.

Please consider this opportunity.

I will be submitting an article on the influence of Christianity on mathematics education. Feel free to contact me as well if you have any questions and I will be sure to pass them along to Russ.


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