Micah 6:8 Mathematics – ACMS 2022 Conference Talk


This presentation will unpack how the discipline of mathematics, rightly understood in a Christian context, equips students to do justice, love kindness, and walk in humility with God (Micah 6:8). This presentation will expand on the experience of Regents School of Austin in shaping the philosophy of its mathematics program around several key works: Math for Human Flourishing, Citizen Math, Building Thinking Classrooms, and Beauty for Truth’s Sake. Several practical examples from the Regents curriculum will be shared to demonstrate how the ideal of integrating faith and Christian service into the math classroom becomes a reality that is meaningful for students.


Link to presentation slides

Regents Documents:

Regents Math Department Philosophy

Regents Math Catechism (blog post on catechism in the classroom) (videos of students reciting)


Mathematics for Human Flourishing

Building Thinking Classrooms

Citizen Math

Beauty for Truth’s Sake

Something They Will Never Forget


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