Praying for Niger

While you may be aware of the tragedy that took place earlier this month in Paris in the Charlie Hebdo shootings, you may not be as aware of the ongoing violence in Niger that is also being carried out by Charlie Hebdo protestors.

Here is an article by Christianity Today that summarizes some of the recent events in Niger. The headline of the article is “Scores of Churches Destroyed by Charlie Hebdo Protests in Niger.” However, the devastation goes beyond simply churches as this quote from the article makes clear (emphasis added):

More than 70 churches have been destroyed, along with numerous Christian schools and organisations, including an orphanage.

The extent of the attacks came to my attention through Scott Eberle, a math teacher working with Christian schools in Niger. Scott has commented on this site numerous times and I have been after him to contribute some full length posts whenever he is able. I encourage you to learn more about his ministry of bringing the Gospel through Christian education to Niger. Here is one particular post that I have shared here before on “The Beauty of Math: From Theory to Classroom Practice.”

Please join me in praying for Scott, his family, his ministry in Niger, and everyone else who has been affected by this terrible tragedy.

Photo by Danette Goodmanson Childs
Photo by Danette Goodmanson Childs

One thought on “Praying for Niger

  1. Scott Eberle January 27, 2015 / 10:09 PM

    Thanks so much for bringing this to your readers’ attention. The situation is unusual. Of the churches burned, about 50 were in the capital, Niamey. This represents the majority of churches in Niamey, all seriously damaged in the space of a few hours. Most are small churches with maybe a few dozen on Sunday morning. This is a city that has never known even one attack on a church. It has left the tiny Christian population dazed and confused, but also putting their hope in a God who uses events like this to do great things. We are grateful that the government and Muslim leaders have all firmly condemned the attacks. All has remained calm since then.

    I haven’t forgotten the article I promised to write! It is near the top of my writing list.

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