Mark Your Calendar

Life has been very busy lately, so I thought I would just post a quick blog this week and let you know about some important dates for later this year.

June 1-4: Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences Conference, Westmont College

Conference Website

From Bob Brabenec:

This is a preliminary announcement for the 2011 ACMS conference at Westmont College, and a call for papers from the membership.

You may begin submitting abstracts for papers at any time, sending them to the conference coordinator, Russ Howell, at  The paper sessions will be on Thursday and Friday afternoons, and will be 15 minutes in length.  There will be parallel sessions, with at least one devoted to computer science papers. Approval of talks will be made by April 1, so you should submit your talks in advance of that deadline.  If space permits, proposed papers will be considered after April 1.

The conference begins with Wednesday dinner, followed by an evening program.  Art Benjamin from Harvey Mudd College will
present a magic show on Wednesday evening and will present a talk on Thursday morning.  Glen Van Brummelen from Quest University is another invited speaker.  Glen usually cannot attend the summer conference because of time conflict with the Canadian Society, so we are very glad he will be with us for one or two talks, and a Q and A discussion session. Our third speaker is Fred Brooks from the CS program at UNC. Fred will present a talk and also offer a Q and A discussion session.  The conference ends with a worship service on Saturday morning.

August 2: Mathematics Through the Eyes of Faith, On Sale

From HarperOne:

This comprehensive work, one of a series cosponsored by the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, addresses the needs of the Christian student of mathematics to align science and faith. It demonstrates that the study of mathematics penetrates to the core of human existence and has much to contribute to the construction of a consistent Christian worldview.

September 28/29ish: Introducing the Little Mathematician (a.k.a. why life has been so busy lately!)


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