My Dissertation Proposal Defense

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For those who are interested, I will be defending my dissertation proposal in a few weeks (I guess even if you aren’t interested I will still be defending in a few weeks). In brief I will be examining how service-learning in high school mathematics might serve as a vehicle for instilling in students what is often discussed as simply an abstract notion: getting students to habitually appreciate the truth, beauty, and goodness of mathematics.

For those who are REALLY interested, here is a copy of my submitted proposal.

AP Conference Presentation: Serving the Community through Statistics


This week I am leading a workshop at the 2015 AP Conference in Austin, TX on “Serving the Community through Statistics: A Capstone Project.” The talk is on integrating service-learning projects into AP Statistics. Being that this is kinda my dissertation topic, I’ve written about it numerous times before here on In addition to the resources that you will find below, feel free to check out some of the prior posts on service learning:


This session will equip participants to design, implement, and evaluate service-learning based statistics projects in which students partner with non-profit organizations in their local community. These projects synthesize the major concepts of experimental design, data analysis, and statistical inference in the real-world context of community service. Through these projects students integrate their conceptual understanding of statistics with the practical functioning of their local community, ultimately gaining a deeper appreciation for the role statistics plays in the organization and evaluation of service societies. In this session participants will explore several successful examples of such projects, identify the key components of a successful project, engage in discussion assessing the feasibility and logistics of implementing service projects in their own curriculum, and critique project evaluation rubrics.


You can click the image below to find the PowerPoint that accompanied my presentation.

wilkerson apac 2015


I prepared a packet of information for those attending my session. You can access the packet here. The packet contains the following:

  1. Presentation Outline
  2. Classroom Handouts
  3. Resources


I could not include every classroom handout that I use in the packet that I prepared. Here are some of those additional handouts:


The Dance of Number

June 1, 2015 1 comment

Short promo of a text in development by James Nickel, author of Mathematics: Is God Silent?



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