While there are various denominations that each bring their own unique perspective to the Christian faith (all of which are welcome here), there are seven essential beliefs that define the boundaries of orthodoxy and what it means to “Think Christianly.” The authors of this site do not believe a person can deny any one of those essentials and and still call their view “Christian.” These seven essentials are listed below. Follow the links for a Biblical defense of each position.

A Christian must believe in:

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Humanity and Sin

Humanity is essentially and unchangeably bad apart from divine grace.

That’s it. Plain and simple.

A Personal Statement on Sin

 The world was created good (Gen 1:31). Humanity was created as the image of God for the purpose of mediating the divine blessing to all of creation (Gen 1:27-30). As creatures, Humanity exists not out of logical necessity but as contingent beings in utter dependence upon God. Being created as the image of God, Humanity is created with dignity (Gen 9:6), morality (Rom 2:14-15), and a need for relationship (Gen 2:18). Humanity was also made as God’s vice regents, the entrusted stewards of creation (Ps 8:3-6). There are aspects of human nature which are immaterial and aspects which are material (Matt 10:28), and both are unified in an integrated complexity with the capacity to reflect God’s glory.

Humanity existed in perfect relationship with God and creation until the willful rebellion of sin broke that relationship and brought both physical and spiritual death (Gen 3:1-20). As a result of that original rebellion, all of humanity (with the exception of the God-man Jesus Christ) is now spiritually lost, retaining this sin nature, and is unable to repair its relationship with God (Rom 3:23; 8:6-7; Eph 2:1-3). Humanity is subject to the power of sin and remains essentially and unchangeably bad apart from divine grace.


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