Return of Christ

While there are various denominations that each bring their own unique perspective to the Christian faith (all of which are welcome here), there are seven essential beliefs that define the boundaries of orthodoxy and what it means to “Think Christianly.” The authors of this site do not believe a person can deny any one of those essentials and and still call their view “Christian.” These seven essentials are listed below. Follow the links for a Biblical defense of each position.

A Christian must believe in:

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A Personal Statement on the Return of Christ

Upon His resurrection, Christ ascended into heaven (Acts 1:9-11), where He sits at the right hand of God the Father (Eph 1:19-21) as a mediator (1 Tim 2:5-6) offering intercession for the saved (Heb 7:25). He has become head over all things to the church which is His body (Eph 1:22-23).[1] In this present age He is spiritually reigning though He is physically absent from the earth (Acts 2:33–38; Col 1:13–14; 2:9–10; Heb 1:1–4; Rev 1:4–6). During this time He is also working to build His church (Matt 16:18; John 14:2)[2]until He returns again to receive those who believe (John 14:3).The blessed hope of the church is the coming physical return of Jesus (Phil 3:20; 1 Thes 1:10; Titus 2:13; 1 Pet 1:13).

[1] DTS, article VI: The First Advent.

[2] This understanding of John 14:2 as reference to the church is based upon the understanding of the “Father’s house” as reference to the temple (Luke 2:49; John 2:16).


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